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Befinallyfit Weight Loss Bff Review. Should You Buy It?

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BeFinallyFit is a unique online weight loss program designed for women who are looking for real results while living a real life. You know, the type of women who don’t have hours upon hours of free time each day to run on a treadmill? Yes, we can all relate, can’t we? While there’s no denying that the only way to achieve sustainable weight loss is to exercise and eat clean, it doesn’t have to be as intense and terrible as the fitness industry would like you to think. Instead, you simply need a program that teaches you how to diet and workout smarter and more enjoyable, and that’s exactly what BeFinallyFit does.

About the BeFinallyFit Program

With a slogan like ‘melt up to one pound of unwanted body fat every 72 hours, it’s easy to assume that BeFinallyFit is just another one of those programs that promise results yet never provides them. However, bear with me for just a moment because as you’re about to see, this program is far from being like the rest.

For starters, the entire system is a medical, nutritional, and science-based program designed for women. This is a huge benefit because it’s harder for women to lose weight than it is for men which is exactly why those generic workout programs or co-ed programs. BeFinallyFit has focused on the medical and scientific side of a woman’s body to create a long-term system that can start to show results in as little as 7 days. Let me repeat – this program can be used moving forward.  There’s no deadline, nor is there a limit to your results. It’s a system that you can turn into a habit, which allows you to transform not only your body but also, your lifestyle.

But what is it about, you ask?

You’ll be happy to know that it is not about depriving yourself of food, working out tirelessly, drinking some voodoo shakes, popping some magic pills, or any of that nonsense.

Instead, it’s about following an enjoyable workout regime, having the right mindset, and a clean eating diet that is designed to boost your metabolic rate to get that body fat melting! The way you feel afterward is even better than the results because you finally regain your self-confidence and actually have the energy to live the life you deserve. This program is literally like having a BFF that is a fitness program.

Befinallyfit Weight Loss Bff Review. Should You Buy It?, Peak Of Best

And what does a BFF do?

First, it provides you with a long list of downloads that separate the contents of the program into easy, enjoyable sections to read. They are:

  • Weight Loss For Life Guide
  • Tighten & Tone Guide
  • Success Mindset Guide
  • Sexy Body Maintenance Guide

You also get a secret bonus, a 28-Day Juicing Guide.

Then, a BFF provides you with extra goodies to further your weight loss, such as:

And that’s exactly what BeFinallyFit provides. The best part? Everything is online so all you have to do to get started is sign into your account and download the content onto the tech device of your choice and access the tools as needed. This makes it really easy to stick with the healthy regime provided, as you have the program with you whenever and wherever you go.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Though, I can’t see why anyone would want to get right of their weight loss BFF especially after you start seeing results.

About the Author of the BeFinallyFit Program

BeFinallyFit was created by Hilde van den Berg, a health and fitness professional with more than 15 years’ experience under her belt. She is also a certified Fitness Instructor, Lifestyle Coach, Weight Loss Consultant, Personal Trainer, and co-owner of a health and fitness center. More importantly, she’s about to become your BFF.

Summary of BeFinallyFit Program

BeFinallyFit is an incredibly comprehensive weight loss program that covers all aspects of burning fat as a woman. To give you a better understanding of the type of things you are provided with when you get started here’s a sneak peek at what the different guides consist of:

BeFinallyFit Guide :

Weight Loss for Life Guide

The Weight Loss for Life Guide is basically everything you need to know about BFF. It covers everything from the foundation of the program to why women have such a hard time losing weight, different weight loss phases, meal plans, and much more.

Tighten & Tone Guide

Just as the name reads, this portion of the program breaks down the 12-week system to tighten and tone your body, complete with step-by-step workout instructions.

Befinallyfit Weight Loss Bff Review. Should You Buy It?, Peak Of Best

Success Mindset Guide

This portion of the program taps into the mental side of weight loss. It teaches you the importance of changing your mindset and truly puts the saying “mind over matter” into action.

Sexy Body Maintenance Guide

This portion of BFF teaches you the proper steps to continuing with this program and turning it from a weight loss plan into a healthy lifestyle change. It covers everything from weigh-in days, high protein breakfasts, tracking goals, and more.

Then, as mentioned previously, you also receive a 28-Day Juicing Guide, a nutritional calculator, weight loss videos, weight loss meal plans, and of course, weight loss recipes.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. You also receive the following bonus programs at absolutely no extra charge:

  • De-Stress for Weight Loss
  • Sleep More, Weigh Less
  • If I Bite It, I Write It
  • Arthritis Reversed


As I said, BeFinallyFit is the fitness best friend you’ve been looking for. It takes care of every aspect of your weight loss journey and health as a whole – mentally, physically, emotionally – you name it. This program is like having a best friend guide you along the way, and considering you receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the program, you really have nothing to lose. So, let your BFF light a fire under your booty and start to see results in as little as 7 days. And remember, this program can be used long-term so once you get started, you can just keep going and keep burning. That’s what a best friend would want for you, right?

Befinallyfit Weight Loss Bff Review. Should You Buy It?, Peak Of Best

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