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Female Mind Control Review

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Female Mind Control is not like every other “get the woman you want” program. There’s absolutely no need to memorize, recite or repeat one-liners, sayings or weird techniques, which I have found that most of the other programs are all about. And let’s be honest here, there’s nothing more awkward than repeating some phrase that you’d never say otherwise. Not only that, but pretending to be someone you aren’t just to get a woman really does lose its novelty over time. So, I was excited to learn that the Female Mind Control program has none of that. You can continue to be yourself while still tapping into the sexual desire center in the female brain.

About the Female Mind Control Program

Female Mind Control is exactly what it sounds… Only not so creepy. Instead, it’s an online program that teaches you how to tap into the sexual desire center of the female brain that scientists have only recently identified. What’s more shocking is that 97% of men know nothing about it.

As for the few percent that does, only 1% are ordinary guys. The other 2% are the guys that are often referred to as the bad boy, the celebrity, the sex icon, etc. What these men have that you may not is a natural advantage that allows them to tap into women’s deepest, dirtiest, erotic desires.

But it isn’t all bad news because, with Female Mind Control, you can become part of the elite group of men that women go crazy for. With the valuable information found inside this game-changing program, you can have women craving sex with you in mere seconds, have women begging to be your girlfriend – or really, anything you want. You’ll have that edge that women simply can’t seem to ever get enough of.

Female Mind Control Review, Peak Of Best

But how, you ask? In addition to the main program, you receive access to several VIP member’s areas, if you choose. These include:

  • Seduction VIP Members Area
  • Automatic Sexual Chemistry VIP Members Area
  • Female Mind Control VIP Members Area
  • Seduction Mastermind Club
  • Seduction Sniper Secret Special Report
  • Seduction Escalation Formula
  • Ex Back Experts System

You also receive:

  • Conversation Commando Video Series
  • Body Language Mystery
  • Hypotheticals
  • Crawl Inside Her Mind
  • The Friend Zone Annihilator
  • Get The Look Women Love
  • Internet Seduction
  • Secrets of Sexual Hypnosis

The best part? You receive all of that with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to complete the system and execute – and benefit – from everything you’ve learned. At the end of the 60 days, if getting any woman you want isn’t what you were looking for, then you can opt for a refund.

Another awesome element of the program is that it is entirely online. This means you receive access to the content as soon as you purchase, and you don’t have to “expose” your secret, as everything can be left online or can be downloaded to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This is a huge benefit because 1) you don’t want women to see a massive “Female Mind Control” book laying on your bedside table and 2) you want a program that you can read, complete, and execute whenever and wherever you are.

About the Author of the Female Mind Control Program

The author of Female Mind Control is Dean Cortez. This is actually quite interesting because he’s unlike any other. Dean actually learned all of the tactics he teaches you in this book from a hostage negotiator in Las Vegas. What do negotiations have to do with getting women? It’s all about playing the mind to, ultimately, get what you want. Now, I know. It sounds crazy, maybe even a little crazy but his tactics have been so successful that they landed him in various major media outlets, such as MAXIM magazine. Today, he’s considered one of the best relationships coaches out there, simply because his techniques are so original yet effective.

Female Mind Control Review, Peak Of Best

Brief Summary of Female Mind Control Program

Now let’s get to the good stuff! In addition to the various topics, videos and extra content you receive when you purchase Female Mind Control, you also receive the secrets, or rather, rules that make up the majority of the program. Here are some of the tactics Dean Cortez teaches you:

  • Rule 1 – Use Rapport to Build the Bridge
  • Rule 2 – Read Her and Make Her Reveal Herself
  • Rule 3 – Use The Rule of Reciprocity
  • Rule 4 – Make her Commit and be Consistent
  • Rule 5 – Use Scarcity
  • Rule 6 – Establish Social Proof
  • Rule 7 – Eliminate Her Fear of the Unknown and Neutralize Objections
  • Rule 8 – Lead and Women Will Follow
  • Rule 9 – Be The Best Lover She’s Ever Had
  • Bonus Chapter – How to Resist “Weapons of Influence”

In Conclusion

As you can see from that list alone, these are tactics you’ve never learned before. They aren’t full of scripts to recite or one-liners to memorize – they’ll actual techniques to tap into the deepest, dirtiest, erotic desires found in the female brain.

You don’t have to be a bad boy, have tons of money, have great looks, or even be part of the 2% that naturally possess these natural advantages. You just need to learn the secrets of women – all of which are found in the Female Mind Control. And even if you don’t want women craving you for sex (yeah right), you can use the same secrets and rules to have women begging to be your girlfriend. In fact, you can use everything you learn in this program to get whatever it is you want, whether it’s to become the next Hugh Hefner, to have a ton of one-night stands, to become a playboy, or to find the one. What you do with the information learned is completely up to you, and you have 60 days to try it under the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. So, if you’re ready to learn the rules to women that 97% of men have no idea about, you know what to do.

Female Mind Control Review, Peak Of Best

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