Simple WiFi Profits Review – Don’t Be Hypnotized By It!

I was invited to join Simple WiFi Profits. Intially I was excited to hear about young “college dropouts” making a mindboggling amount of money within a short period (something like $960k in a month). I watched the introduction webinar and unfortunately, was pretty underwhelmed by it. The insanely long webinar (i.e. recorded video) had little content, the method is not new, and most of all, there was one contradictory “guaranteed promise” that I couldn’t ignore.

For these reasons, the invitation webinar didn’t convince me to join and therefore my Simple WiFi Profits review is based on what I heard on the webinar. Although it’s pricey, it seems to offer a number of bonus packages which I’ll explain later. If you’re interested, join the webinar and make your own decision.

Simple WiFi Profits Review

Product Name:Simple WiFi Profits
Type:Affiliate Marketing
Owner:WiFi Bosses LLC (Chris Eom and Andrew Wright)
Launched:March 2020

What Is Simple WiFi Profits?

Simple Wifi Profits is a training course on making money by promoting the bestselling products from ClickBank using Facebook ads. The method itself is not new; thousands of other ClickBank affiliates are doing it and we have already seen similar courses such as Commission Hero1K A Day Fast Track, etc. The key elements that they teach are all the same;

  • Focus on a profitable niche (health, wealth or relationships),
  • Use Facebook Lookalike Audience, and
  • Start with a small budget, invest your profits on more ads and scale it up.

What makes Simple WiFi Profits different is perhaps the in-depth level of support. The young & energetic co-creators, Chris Eom and Andrew Wright will run monthly coaching sessions as well as a private mentorship group, and they’ll give each member a call every other Wednesday.

Simple WiFi Profits, By Peak to Best

Who Is Simple WiFi Profits For?

What they teach you in the webinar is very basic information such as how to search for products on ClickBank, and they seem to avoid using jargon. So Simple WiFi Profits (SWP) is targeting those who are brand new to online marketing.

Who’s Behind Simple WiFi Profits?

The webinar is hosted by Mike Balmaceda but the actual company is WiFi Bosses LLC, which is owned by Andrew Wright and Chris Eom. The company was incorporated in the state of California in September 2019 and re-registered in March 2020 as a consulting business, according to the Open Corporates database.

The “4 Step” (or 2 Step?) Method

The “4 steps” that the Simple WiFi Profits teaches is actually nothing special – this is something that every affiliate marketing training course should normally tell you as a basic rule on Day 1.  And there really are only 2 steps, because the answer to the 1st step is already revealed, and the 4th step is not a “step” but it’s a result of using the method

Simple WiFi Profits, By Peak to Best

Anyway, the 4 steps are;

Step 1: Find a Big Problem

We all spend money to solve our problems. If your boiler breaks down, you pay to get it fixed, unless you can fix it (solve the problem) yourself. “Health, wealth and relationships” are 3 of the biggest and evergreen problems that many people spend a lot of money to solve. Just like you’ve been wondering if you should spend $1.5k on the Simple WiFi Profits course because you have a problem; i.e. you want to get out of the position you are now and get rich, so you need to pay to learn the skills. 

As far as Simple WiFi Profits is concerned, health (weight loss) is the best niche, because the guys claim that this is the niche that made them $960k within 31 days.

So the answer to Step 1 is already there; millions of people in the world want to lose weight, so you’re going to help them by recommending a weight-loss product.

Step 2: Find a Product (Solution)

You don’t have to have your own weight-loss product to sell. You can sign up with ClickBank and find the bestselling products pretty easily. The webinar very quickly explains how to find it.

Step 3: Share the product

Finally, the webinar reveals what kind of method Simple WiFi Profits uses to make money. Unless you are totally new to affiliate marketing and have no clue what to do, this is actually the only information that you would have been looking to find out;

  • Use Facebook ads.
  • Target the right audience – people aged from 25-65 who are interested in weight loss issues.
  • Use Facebook Lookalike audience (assuming the list will be provided by SWP).
  • Start with a daily budget of $5, and gradually scale it up.

Step 4: Make Sales

It’s not a step, it’s a provisional result. You get paid weekly, if you make sales… That’s because ClickBank pays out your affiliate commissions weekly.

The Reasons Why I Wasn’t Convinced

Frankly, the webinar content is of low quality and is extremely stretched, in my opinion. If I was to break down the reasons why I wouldn’t join Simple WiFi Profits, there are quite a few…

#1 They Spent $3m On Researching

They claim to have invested $3 million on this “system for “testing and testing.” But they only set up a limited liability company 6 months ago. To spend that much money on researching, it must have taken them a lot of resources (people) and data analysis projects.

However they never reveal the result of it or what they actually spent for. Assuming the target webinar participants are total newbies, they don’t need to know anything in great detail, but at least they should reveal a hint of it, e.g. what worked and what didn’t. 

#2 Income Claims – Too Repetitive!

Simple WiFi Profits, By Peak to Best

Every couple of minutes throughout the video, the host repeatedly shows you the ClickBank income screenshots over & over again and ecstatically tells you how much money these guys have made. It seems to me as if the video was purposely created that way to psychologically wind you up. I’m sure it wasn’t, but it appears to me that way and there’s a reason for it.

If they had invested $3m on researching, they would have had good analytical data in hand. So instead of simply showing a series of large amounts with random dates back and forth, they could have shown a case study, or something a little more constructive.

The first 45 minutes of the webinar is all about these young guys – repeatedly telling you how much money they have made. After that, it finally starts to explain about the “4 Step Method”, but because the webinar host keeps interrupting himself with an income screenshot every couple of minutes and goes…

  • “Look! ten thousand dollars!”
  • “It’s easy!” 
  • “Wow, a hundred and twenty thousand dollars!”
  • “All you need is your spare time!”

…It might keep you feel agitated.

#3 Quantity Over Quality?

Around 60 minutes into the webinar, it starts to tell you what’s included in the Simple WiFi Profits. The price will finally be revealed after 90 minutes. There are a number of items for the price of $1,497.

Simple WiFi Profits, By Peak to Best

There are two problems.

The first problem is, the webinar host never tries to prove that this program is not “quantity over quality”. For example, it offers 4 different types of support;

  • 24/7/365 VIP support concierge service
  • Monthly coaching call live with Chris & Andrew
  • Chris & Andrew will call you every other Wednesday
  • Private mentorship group

But how each one can help you differently is never explained, or even the difference between each support type. 

The second problem is also about the help and support. This webinar is hosted by Mike Balmaceda, and the actual owners, Chris and Andrew don’t talk to you too much. But they are the ones who’ll be hands-on, according to the webinar.

You see what I mean, they never try to convince the webinar participants that they are good coaches. No one knows who Chris and Andrew are, so we just have to believe what’s being said and the photos in the video. They’re just two young guys who may or may not be making any money online. 

But assuming they’re good coaches, we’d like to know things like;

  • Why will they have to give me a call every other week, and what for? Just to motivate me?
  • Will the phone calls really help me?
  • What is actually going on in the private mentorship group?

What we most want to know before spending $1.5k is that kind of thing. Not simply the list of things we’ll get.

#4 Peculiar Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with SWP, you’re covered by ClickBank’s money-back guarantee, which is reasonable as always with any ClickBank products.

But this is something else – I mentioned it at the beginning of this review post – something that doesn’t make sense to me.

As a reward, SWP also promises to give your money back ($1,497) if you make $10,000 using the method at any time. NOT if you don’t make it. If you make it. 

So it’s effectively saying to the prospective students, “you guys are never gonna achieve $10,000 in total, however long it takes.”

Well, I’m sure that’s not how it’s intended to say, but without a proper explanation to this peculiar offer, it does mean what it is, doesn’t it? These guys are running a business by selling this training program. If the majority of the students achieve $10k sales, their business won’t make money.

#5 Fake Scarcity!

It claims that Chris & Andrew are only taking 30 students – that’s a fake scarcity technique that many scammers use. I’m not saying these guys are, but legitimate online training courses may set the deadline (e.g. discount if you join by this Sunday), they never limit the number of spots!

Price and Refund Policy

I’ve already mentioned the price, i.e. $1,497 if you pay all at once, but SWP also offers you to pay in 3 x monthly installments of $577 each ($1,731 in total).

Simple WiFi Profits’ refund policy states that if you cannot get results within 45 days of purchase, then it will refund you. But you must claim it within 45 days, “absolutely NO exception.”

Simple WiFi Profits, By Peak to Best

However the webinar says something different… “If you don’t make money within 45 days, they’ll coach you until you do.”

But they will have been coaching you already by then. If you wait for 45 days, ask them to coach you more and still make no money, obviously you’ll have passed the deadline and won’t be able to get your money back.

45 days is the term they set out to make a promise of success, and they’re implying anybody can generate 6-figures by following these steps. You are entitled to a full refund if you don’t see it coming. Simple WiFi Profits is a product sold via ClickBank, so I suggest that you make sure to contact ClickBank and ask for a refund (accessible from your email receipt). This way, you can get your full refund within 24 hours without a mistake.

Simple WiFi Profits Review – What Do You Think?

I believe my opinion of Simple WiFi Profits based on the introduction webinar is fair. Thousands of course tutors out there offer a free webinar (i.e. web seminar!), use it to demonstrate the quality of the course content and encourage the students to pay to join in. Flashing 6 figures in your face every few minutes and repeating “Wow, these guys are so rich! And you’ll be rich too”… That’s NOT a seminar.

I must also add, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of emotional connection, although they all sounded friendly. I may have had a better opinion towards this product if these guys were on the screen and actually talking to the camera.

What do you think? If you ever watch the video, tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

Simple WiFi Profits, By Peak to Best